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You’re ready to rush out the door for another busy day at work, you take just a moment to say bye-bye to your pet and he looks at you with those big sad eyes or she cocks her head in that endearing way and you can almost hear...

"Do you really have to leave again? It’s so lonely and boring when you’re gone. I suppose I could chew on your shoes, dig up the plants – or torment the cat. And there’s always napping. Sigh. When will you be home?"

Your dog never has to howl the blues when you’re away from home if you sign up for doggy daycare Dr Onkar Pawaskars PetsHotel. We make sure all our daycare guests have fun and stay busy. Please ask for monthly charges.

10:30... Our doors open for the doggy daycare day.

10:30 – 5:30... Its free playtime ALL DAY with a free one time meal of pedigree and lots of clean drinking water.

5:30... Our doors close for the doggy daycare day.

In case the above timings do not match your schedule for doggy daycare day then please get in touch with our kennel management for individualized packages. Aggressive and unsocial pets will not be taken for day care.

The Play area

Daycare dogs get plenty of room to roam in our open playroom complete with shades, rest areas, water stations, fans to keep the air moving and continuous monitoring by our kennel staff. In case the pets are tired they will be kept in one of our kennel or enclosed area to cool down during days of excessive heat to avoid sunstroke. Day care during excessive rainy days will be restricted to indoors.

In good company
As pack animals, dogs really love company and to socialize. And since they don’t travel in open and in packs anymore, you’re it. That’s why – when you’re away – they may suffer from separation anxiety. The perfect solution? Doggy daycare at Dr Onkar Pawaskar's PetsHotel.... where your pet will get to socialize with all kinds of dogs and humans too.


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